BULLDOG LOOKOUT   1397m   4583′
This abandoned fire lookout on the top of Bulldog Mountain has a road to the top. From the KVR rail bed, join the road at the south end of the tunnel. At one time this was rough 4WD access to Renata. The road goes over the top of the mountain.

Location: KVR railway just after the Bulldog tunnel between Castlegar and the Paulson Bridge
Difficulty: A1
Elevation gain: 405m 1330′
Key elevations: KVR at end of Bulldog Tunnel 3250′; Lookout 4583′
Distance: 3.3km
Time: Access: Good gravel road then on old rail bed.
Season: June through October
Map: 82E/8 Deer Park

Drive: From Castlegar drive over the Paulson summit and turn right on the Hwy #3 Blueberry Paulson Bridge Bypass Road (just before reaching the Paulson Bridge). Follow the road down to the Kettle Valley Railbed and then go north along the rail bed.
2.5km TH Mt Gladstone
6.5 km Abandoned rail stop of Farron (a maintained camp spot for the KVR). North end of Farron is the left turn on Dog Rd to MT Faith, Hope and Charity. Drive on the rail line all the way to the Bull Dog Tunnel. 
31km South end of Bulldog tunnel
On the Backroads map and topographical map, it appears that the Bulldog FSR goes over the top of the centre of the tunnel.

Trail: A rough trail leads up from the end of the tunnel and heads north to the old abandoned lookout. Pass flat, road-like tracks where railcars shunted uphill before the tunnel was built. A route was taped through the trees to the forestry access road that leads to the lookout. Scramble up into the lookout for better views of Arrow Lakes.
Check out the Verigin memorial from the 1920s.

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