NORTH DOGTOOTH Range – Head Lang and Gorman Cks

HEATHER MOUNTAIN  2406m  7892′
It is the northernmost summit of the group.
Climbed by the Survey, date and route unknown.
Map 82N/6 Blaeberry. 

Located south-southwest of Donald Station on the railroad, on a northeastern spur; surveyed at 8811′, but the cairn is north of the summit. Two summits of 2700 meters (8860 feet) lie to the southwest (1.8 km) and south (1.7 km).
Map 82N/6 Blaeberry. Grid 833-973.
FRA A. O. Wheeler, H. G. Wheeler, Topographical Survey party, October 8, 1907. They also climbed point 8201 feet (Oldman Creek; Oct. 9, 1907) and point 8173 feet (Quartz Creek East; Oct. 11, 1907).

UNNAMED 2706m  8878′
Located 3.3 km southwest of Donald Survey Station. Surveyed.
Map 82N/SW Glacier Park, 82N/6 Blaeberry
Probably climbed by a Morrison P. Bridgland subparty, 1907, who also ascended some other peaks in the group.
Climbed and used as a camera station, date and route unknown; 

UNNAMED 2730m  8957′
West-northwest of Un. 2787m.

UNNAMED 2787m  9144′
Located above the north head of Lang Creek. Climbed and used as a camera station, date and route unknown; surveyed at 9143 feet.
Map 82N/SW Glacier Park, 82N/6 Blaeberry 842-923

UNNAMED 2730m  8957′
One km northeast of Un. 2760m (below), between the heads of Lang and Gorman Creeks.
Map 82N/6 Blaeberry.

UNNAMED 2760m  9055′
West of the lake at the head of Gorman Creek (Gorman Lake).
1. Southeast Ridge. Go over the col at the head of Canyon Creek, from camp at the head of the The southeast ridge is a hard Class 3 climb, and very exposed. (II,3,s).
Rudi Goerzen, Hans Korn, 8/2000. 

UNNAMED 2749m  9019′
Situated between the heads of Gorman and Holt Creeks, southeast of Gorman Lake.
To reach Un. 2749m from Canyon Creek, go over the col at the head of Canyon Creek, and then descend the east side of the north ridge of Dawn Mountain to the flat valley bottom between them. The descent is steep and loose, with little choice of route. 
There is good rock climbing on the buttresses northeast of the mountain, above Gorman Creek.
Map 82N/SW, 1974
1. Climbed and used as a camera station, date and route unknown; surveyed at 9020 feet.
2. Northwest Ridge. The northwest ridge is mostly scrambling; the party roped up twice. The good rock (quartzite) is low on the climb. 
From near Gorman Lake, go up a rock slide area and proceed left (east) at the base of snow in a gully. Rope up and climb the west face of the ridge (Class 5.6). Outflank a step in the ridge by going left (northeast) of it on bad rock (Class 5.4-5.5), and gain the summit ridge.(II,5.6,s).
Pat Compeau, Frank Jensen, 7/1988. 
3. Southeast Ridge. From the end of the road toward the head of Gorman Creek (trail to Gorman Lake camp), follow the stream about 200 meters, turn left and ascend a steep scree slope and then a couloir to the southeast ridge. Follow the southeast ridge to the top, Class 3. On descent, it is easier to use a small glacier northwest of the peak after descending the west slopes. (II,3,s).
Dan Emery, Luke Zimmerman, 1996. 
4. West See Route 3, descent.

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