MOONRAKER PEAK   2836m   9304′
At the head of Canyon Creek, and south of the head of Grizzly Creek. It is the highest in the Dogtooth Group and is directly west of Golden, but not visible from the town.
Surveyors and geologists had certainly been to the top before recent times. The two summits appear to be of equal height.
The 2000 KMC hiking camp was at the head of Canyon Creek. Access by helicopter.
1. North Ridge. Climb the snow slopes northeast of the mountain to the north ridge. The north ridge of Moonraker Peak is an easy scramble (Class 3), but with a little exposure. The west side of the north ridge (on snow) is easier.
1. East Face, North Ridge. Ascend the east side of the north ridge to the col between the summits. Cornices on the Canyon Creek side pose avalanche danger, and the rock is loose. The snow slopes do not require the rope. The north ridge is a walk on snow.
Felix Belczyk, 7/2000.

UNNAMED 2760m  9055′
2.5 kms south of Moonraker Peak.
1. North Ridge. From the helicopter camp at the head of Canyon Creek, climb the snow slopes northeast of the peak to a col and go up the easy north ridge.
FRA KMC party, 8/2000. 

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