Although Mt Revelstoke is outside the West Kootenay, it gives access to drive to one of the best wildflower displays on the planet. Out of season, there is still great hiking. 

Location: Mt Revelstoke National Park 
Difficulty: easy, alpine. 
Elevation gain: ~0 to 600m (1970′) to Eva/Jade Pass 
Key elevations: Eva Lake 1950m 6400′; Jade Pass 2250m 7200′
Distance: 12km return to Eva Lake/Jade Pass 
Time: 4-5 hours return 
Access: easy 
Season: late July to early August for best wildflowers 
Map: 82M/1 Mt Revelstoke, Park Information Pamphlet  

Drive: From Revelstoke, the park entrance is 1km east of town. Take a bus up or drive. User fee. 

Trail: For flower viewing, walk up the road from the parking lot. The most interesting trail goes to Eva and Jade Lake. Miller Lake is not worth visiting. Views from Eva Lake are disappointing. The Jade Lake Trail to Jade Pass has excellent views and good flowers in season. 

From the Trans Canada Hwy at Craigellachie and the Last Spike stop. The TH is a little obscure – walk east from the bridge to the Last Spike entrance. This easy 2km, less than one hour trail is a loop past the top and bottom of three waterfalls – a worth while stop early in the year. 

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