This traverse is a hiking backpacking route along the spine of the Pinnacles. The traverse was created in memory of Mark Berger, a popular member of the Vernon Outdoors Club. The traverse covers about 20kms between Twin Lakes at the north end and Monashee Lake at the south end. There is no established trail except for the 5km-long access trails at each end, described above. 

Location: Pinnacles Group of the Whatshan Range
Difficulty: D3
Elevation gain:
Key elevations:
Distance: 20kms 
Time: 3 days
Access: good 
Season: June through October

Drive: Drop a car off at either Twin Lakes or Monashee Lakes trailheads, drive to the other and begin your adventure. 

Route: Good route finding skills required. Some cairns exist to mark the route. Frequent drops and climbs. From Twin Lakes, the first 3kms are fairly easy going along the spine of the ridge over Boulder Peak (2435m), Neopolitan Knob (2450m) and Wimpy Peak (2450m). After the Beehive, drop down into the basin north of Mount Severide (2550m). Cross the basin and bypass Mt Severide on the east side via Goat Col. From the mountain to Monashee Lake is the more difficult section, involving climbing over boulder fields, steep terrain and until possibly late in the season, traversing some steep snow slopes. 
Three days might be average. Four days would allow more climbing and enjoyment of the mountain scenery. 

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