On the watershed south of Snowman Peak, northeast of Mount Hatteras.
1. Southwest Ridge. Begin from the col east of Mount Hatteras (the FA group did Hatteras first), and scramble up the south- west ridge to the summit (1 hour). Continue north along the north ridge to a broad, low col and descend to the west down ledges and gullies to the glacier and to camp in the forest in 3 hours. Glacier (III,4,s). 12/7/1954.
The traverse was done north to south from Snowman Peak in 2 hours.
Robert Kruszyna, David Whitburn, 7/1975.
2. North Ridge. See Route 1.

Located one km south of Krinkletop Peak, on the watershed. This and Deluge Mountain are junk heaps.
1. Northwest Ridge. Traverse from Krinkletop Peak. There is not much climbing on the northwest ridge, but one short section (Class 4) is rotten and treacherously exposed. (I,4,s).
KK, GM, RP, RW, 14/8/1959.
2. Southeast Face. The southeast face, a long snow slope interrupted by a short rock band, was climbed on return from Deluge Mountain, from camp near the tongue of Hatteras The route avoids pinnacles on the southeast ridge. This mountain may also be bypassed on the north by gaining the ridge south of the Hatteras-Krinkletop col and then des- cending north to the glacier. Round trip 11.5 hours. Glacier (III,4,s).
BA, RB, KK, ES, PT, 29/7/1994.

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