MOUNT ENGLISH   2700m   8858′
Located south of the TransCanada Highway, five km west of Mount Tilley. It can be clearly seen from the highway a few km west of Three Valley Gap. It has three summits (unless the southeast summit is counted as a different mountain). The southeast summit (1.5 km SE of the western summit) appears equally high, and the eastern summit slightly lower.

Elevation gain:
Key elevations:
Map: 82L/16 Revelstoke

1. North Ridge. 
Drive: From Revelstoke (junction Trans Canada Hwy and Hwy 23), zero odometer
0.0 drive west on the TC Hwy to just west of the commercial buildings in the bend of the Hwy east of Three Valley Gap.
17.4kms 10.8mi Turn left (south) on the logging road .
From Perry River logging road (Avoca Road): 25.6 km (15.9 miles) east 

Route: Backpack the road (which is sometimes chained) to a power line from where one can see the peak. Gain the cirque northwest of Mount English and climb to the north ridge, descending to the glacier to avoid bad rock on the ridge. Glacier (II,4,s).
FRA Robert Heslop, Dan Robertson, June 7, 1983

2. West Ridge.
Drive:  starting above, drive south for four km (2.5 miles) and turn left uphill to just beyond the Frog Falls campsite. Continue uphill on the branch of the road that crosses the power transmission line two more times (three in all). Take the left branch after the second line crossing to the high point 3km west of Mount English at 003-387 (1520m 5000′) (two 4WD sections).  In 2004, the road up Wap Creek was in pretty good shape.
Route: Backpack northeast, enter the creek draining northwest from Mount English, and camp. Ascend the creek to a steep gully, a flat area, a long scree slope or main snow couloir to the col west-southwest of Mount English and climb the west ridge. (II,3,s). 
Leon Blumer and party, June 7, 1992. 
Alternately, from the end of the logging road, one can go up through steep bush, and over a west ridge to a small lake (018-370) on the southern slopes. Ascend the southern slopes (flowers) to the col westsouthwest of Mt. English (between it and a much smaller peak to the WSW.

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