UNNAMED 2670m   (8760′)
On the watershed, at the head of a spur running east from the watershed, south of the head of Mulvehill Creek. A glacier lies to the east.
1. Northwest Ridge. Start from a camp at a lake on the west side of Mount Begbie. Descend to the divide at the head of Wap Creek and Mulvehill Creek (beautiful country), and go up to a flat patch of ice, through a gap on the west side of a lake, and walk up to the peak, a hump. (II,3,s).
FRA Leon Blumer, group from Kelowna, September 1983. 

DAVIS PEAK    2640m   8661′
Located on the Wap Creek-Shuswap River divide east of Joss Pass and west of Unnamed 2670m.
1. North Glacier. Drive up the road to Mount English (Route 2), but turn right onto the road to Wap Creek and Joss Pass. Drive the logging road on the north side of Wap Creek. Route: Cross Wap Creek, make a steep bushwhack heading east and southeast, and camp on the moraine below the north glacier. Climb the glacier, and then 50m of Class 3 rock to the top. Ice, Glacier (III,4,s).
Dwight Boulton, Thomas Crowley, Barry Reiter, early August 2005. 

JOSS MOUNTAIN   2390m   7841′      Map 82L/16, 977-317.
Joss Mountain is 3.5 km west of Joss Pass and has more than one summit
Drive: “To upper Wap Creek”, and consult Mt. English, Route 2.
Route: There is a trail from Joss Pass, and also an approach from the west via a logging road. 
Climbed in 1930. See Eagle Pass Mt, Shuswap Group.

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