BLANKET MOUNTAIN   2850m   9350′
Blanket Mountain is north of the head of Cranberry Creek and Lindmark Creek, and supports the biggest icefield in the Gold Range. It may be the gentlest ascent in the Monashees, but its southeastern slopes rise more than a vertical kilometre above Cranberry Creek.

Key elevations:
Map: 82L/16 Revelstoke


1. Northwest Glacier, North Face
The original approach was from Three Valley Gap over Joss Pass to Greenbush Lake. See Armstrong Peak and the access in the introduction.
It is steep going to the top of the ridge, but gentle slopes to the northwest glacier, with a short, steep final rock climb. Glacier (II,4,s). 1925. Rated Class 4 because of the glacier.

2. Southwest Ridge.
Approach over the glacier from Armstrong Peak to the notch in the southwest ridge, which requires care to ascend. There is some loose rock on the upper ridge. Glacier (III,5.0,s). FRA Leon Blumer, Geoffrey Vick, August 26, 1979. 

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