ARMSTRONG PEAK    2640m   8661′  
Armstrong Peak has a large icefield on its north side, and is southwest of Blanket Mountain (on the east side of the icefield). Armstrong Lake is southeast of Armstrong Peak, at the head of Lindmark Creek.

Map 82L/9 Gates Creek.

1. West Slopes 
Approach: From the south, up Shuswap River from Cherryville and Sugar Lake, almost to Greenbush Lake (lake, 050-260, map 82L/16). Consult “To Peters Lake (Monashee Provincial Park) and Greenbush Lake”, above. Also consult Tsuius Mountain in “Isolated Peaks, Western Monashee”.
Greenbush Lake is in a large side valley off of the Shuswap River, north of the old logging roads to Armstrong Peak, which extends west to east nearly to the watershed. The lake is west-northwest of Blanket Mountain, and well north of the trail to Tsuius Mountain. There is at least one four wheel drive section on this road. At 56 km (35 miles), nearly at the turnoff to Greenbush Lake, a logging road (marked) goes uphill to the right. Drive to about 1250m (4100 feet).
Route: Bushwhack up slopes with faded ribbons to a camp at the lakes at about 2050m (6700 feet). In 1982 the road was washed out at about 1220 m. The route finding to Armstrong Peak is easy; also, the rope was not necessary to reach the top. However, one must cross the glacier (rope) to traverse to the southwest ridge of Blanket Mountain. The party of two traversed over Armstrong Peak to the southwest ridge of Blanket Mountain. Nine hours round trip to the lakes camp; 1.5 hours to the slash road’s end. Glacier (III,4,s). FRA Leon Blumer, Geoffrey Vick, August 26, 1979.

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