An easy 800 m trail useful get some exercise while waiting for the ferry, especially on those multiple sailing waits over the summer. 

Difficulty: Easy A1
Elevation gain: Nil
Distance: 800m
Time: 15-20 minutes 
Access: Easy – paved road 
Season: All year round 
Map: Kiosk at TH

Drive: From Nakusp head North on Highway 23 for 48km to the Galena Bay ferry that takes you across Arrow Lake to Revelstoke. Once you at the ferry landing, the trailhead is down by the lookout near the water, there is a kiosk with a trail map and info there.

Trail: This nice short 800 Meter loop trail is a great way to kill some time while waiting for the ferry. There is 2 beach assess points along the trail down to the shores of Upper Arrow Lake. This trail was built by the Nakusp and Area Community Forest and is managed in conjunction with Recreation Sites and Trails BC.


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