UNNAMED 1987   6519′
Visible from the Castlegar Airport on the skyline looking west. West of Castlegar, east of Mt Mackie, south of Hwy 3 and north of China Creek.

Drive: From Castlegar: drive west on Hwy 3, go 8kms and turn left (south)
0.0 Start south on College Creek FSR
4.5km Turn right. HC (waterbars)
7.5km Wide switchback. Park. Possible to drive higher but circular route planned along the high ground to the west.

Route: Continue on the road to a pass. Find an ancient skid road on left that goes directly to the ridge. Stay on the road avoiding clearings. Scramble up a boulder field bearing left to the top of the ridge. Follow for 5 minutes to a sunny viewpoint (1987m).

The secondary destination is UN 2045 immediately east of Mt Mackie – 2km along ridge in opposite direction, lose some elevation. Descend through an old clearcut ending in another road that joins back onto the switchback where parked.

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