MOUNT YUILL   2160m    7055′
An uncommonly climbed peak at the back of Ross Lake. In the Redfish Creek drainage. Good fishing is available as well as wandering the ridge tops in the headwaters of Redfish Creek. Other lakes are: in this drainage – Whitelady and Penilynn, and in the nearby Laird Creek drainage – Haiseldean and Noakes lakes.
Norm Thyer led a hike to the Redfish drainage every year.

Elevation gain: 1700′ total. 180m (600′) to Ross Lake. 1100′ to summit from lake. 
Key elevations: Ross Lake 1816m (5950′). Summit 2160m (7100′)
Distance: 2kms hike to Ross Lake. 2kms to summit 
Season: early July through October
Access: Difficult 
Map: 82F/11 Kookanee Peak

Drive: Drive 8kms past Kokanee Park and turn left (north) onto Beggs Rd. Drive 12kms to the start of a 4WD road and 13.2km to the Ross Lakes TH.

Trail/Route: 2km hike to Ross Lake 1816m (5950′).  The summit of Mt Yuill is 1.25kms from the west end of Ross Lake through relatively gentle terrain. It is not an imposing mountain. 
A more attractive peak is UN6200, one km to the NNW of Ross Lake called “White Lady”. White Lady Lake is to the north. 


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