ARLINGTON PEAK   2412m   7913′
MOUNT RUPPLE   2376m   7795′
These two remote peaks are rarely visited, but are usually both climbed together. The summits are 2.5kms apart – but when are you going to be in this neighbourhood again? The western Kokanee Park boundary makes a special jag to include the summit of Rupple in the park. Arlington remains just outside.
Access is either via Enterprise Creek/Timber Creek (washout at 5km of Enterprise) or via Lemon Creek/Crusader Creek.

Elevation gain: 2200′
Key elevations: Park 5700′
Distance: depends on access
Time: depends on access
Season: mid July through September
Assess: Very difficult via Enterprise.
Maps: 82F/14 Slocan and 82F/11 Kokanee Peak (Arlington is on the Slocan sheet and Rupple is on the Kokanee sheet).

Via Lemon Creek
Drive: Lemon Creek FSR (accessed via Duhamel Creek and 6-Mile Lakes if from Nelson). Just before the parking area for the Lemon Creek Trail, turn left (north) up Crusader Creek.
Alternate #1: Drive towards a trail leading to a mine site on the south side of Arlington Pk. Park at 1750m (5700’). Route: Continue up the old road to a log cabin with collapsed roof and then an old mine entrance. Ascend through forest and aim for the ridge. Reach the east summit of Arlington and cross over to the main west summit.
Alternate #2: Go up the old mining road up the south side of Mt Ruppel 4500’ to 7400’. This old road was in good condition because of all the ATVs. Leave the road and scramble around the back side to the summit in 3 hours.
Descend the north ridge, cross a boulder field and start up the ridge to Arlington. Descend the steep, gravelly south ridge of Arlington to an overgrown logging road.

Via Enterprise Creek
 Enterprise Creek Rd: Drive to 5km, bicycle 7km + 6km, elevation gain 2200′.

0.0 Start east on Enterprise Creek Rd — Landslide at 5km makes this a difficult access.
12.1km Turn right up Timber Creek FSR; go 5.8km
17.9km Turn right heading SE into the basin between the two peaks.
18.7km Park.
Route: TH at 1740m (5700′) NE to ridge. Sitting in the basin between the two peaks, choose which one to ascend first, traverse the two mountains and descend to the car.




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