ROAD ACCESS – Kokanee Range

PEDRO CREEK FSR: turn east (right) off Hwy. 6 at km. 23 north of Playmor Jct.; drive a few hundred m. on pavement; then bend left by barn onto signed road; bear L at km. 5.6; bear L at km. 6.6; go R at km. 10.1 (the rd. L goes to Donut Lake and on to Smallwood Creek FSR and Queen Victoria Road, exiting in Beasley); a faint road goes L at km. 10.8; trail to Rockslide Lake goes L @ km 11; a landing at km. 12.4 (parked here); a short road goes L @ km. 13.3 (gives access to Johnianne Lake); road continues to first and second microwave towers (latter signed km. 17); drove and walked 10/02; mostly 2WD, although I drove it in 4WD; skied down it from Rockslide Lake trailhead to ca. km. 1.5 in 4/04; in 9/04 hiked to Rockslide Lake & to Slocan Ridge microwave towers; drove through from Beasley in 10/05, visting Rockslide Lake and Johnianne Lake; drove to Johnnianne trailhead in 06/08

DONUT LAKE CONNECTOR TO SMALLWOOD FSR: turn L off Pedro FSR at km. 10.1; drove to near Donut in 9/04; drove through from Smallwood Crk. in 10/05

TROZZO CREEK ROAD: follow Highway 6 to Appledale; turning is last road on R. south of Appledale ball diamond; follow road uphill to E., then as it bends R. and goes up to a flat spot (1-3 km); here there is a much fainter road on the L; this is Trozzo Creek road, driveable for 5 km. from this jct.; first 3 km. quite steep with water damage to roadbed; 4 WD LR; at km. 5 there is ample parking; road blocked by big sand slide; beyond, the roadbed is much overgrown; there is a trail, but don’t know for how far; explored 7/96

PONDEROSA FSR: turn R off Hwy 6 600 m. N. of the Lemon Crk. bridge; it’s signed Ponderosa FSR and is just about across from McIver’s property (cable across road with ribbons); drive 3.9 km. on fairly good 2WD road to a parking spot where road ends (3168′ 672-069); walk into & up out of a ravine on a trail to join the Lemon Lookout/Skycastle Lookout road that takes you to the lookout on foot in 75 min.; done 6/01 and 9/07 (1 hr. 25 min.)

LEMON LOOKOUT ROAD: goes up and E. next to the Skycastle Lookout office north of Lemon Creek; it is about 8 km. to the lookout from the highway (5677′ 687-072); this is gated and non-motorized under the tenure; can be joined just below km. 3 sign from a trail coming from Ponderosa FSR; good quality roadbed; cairn on road where Ponderosa trail joins it; hiked 6/01 and 9/07

LEMON CREEK ROAD: turn off Highway #6 65 km. from Nelson (1 hr.from Nelson); Chapleau Crk. L. at 4.7 km.; S. Lemon Crk. rd. L. at 5.6 km. ;logging road R. at 8 km.; another R. at 9.4 km., Dunnet Crk.; another at 11.7 km. (Monument and Helmsden Crks.); turnoff for Six Mile Lakes Rd. at 14.7 km.; at 17 km. is Lemon Crk. trail head; road turns to follow Crusader Crk.

SOUTH LEMON CREEK ROAD: turn R or south off Lemon Creek road @ km. 5.6; Branch L2 goes L @ swback at 800 m; Branch L 2 goes L @ 1.3 km. Branch 92 goes L. @ 3.6 km.; stopped by rock on road at small creek @ 6.4 km.; drove in 5/05; mostly 2WD

WEST BANK OF HELMSDEN CREEK ROAD: is this the same as Dunnet Crk.?; turn R. off Lemon Crk. at 9.2 km; in Oct. ’96 drove 2.2 km. up good road before turning back at “active heli logging” sign; probably of no mtn. significance

HELMSDEN CREEK ROAD: turn R off Lemon Crk. at km. 11.7; follow road for 1 km. to jct.; 1.2 km. beyond, go straight, not L; Helmsden Crk. goes straight ahead; in 1991 I drove to a landing 7 km. from Lemon Crk. road and on the NW side of Mt. Kubin; active logging on this road in summer 1996; drove to bridge over Helmsden at ca. 6.5 km. in 10/96 & to landing mentioned above

MONUMENT CREEK ROAD: as for Helmsden Crk., but at jct. bend to L and go up hill; follow good road with numerous waterbars; at ca. km. 5, reach a jct.; a good quality road goes up & back R; do not take; follow fainter, more overgrown track straight for about 4 more km to an open parking area; 4WD LR in places but generally good road bed; road can be followed on foot as it switchbacks up to mine at 762-970; done in 8/96; as seen from Mt. Grohman 10/00, re-built road goes right to headwaters to new cutblock on Mt. Grohman side

YEATMAN ROAD: take Upper Bonnington Rd. from Hwy. 3; continue straight uphill at junction with Slocan Village road; pass Smokey Creek Salvage; cross Smokey Creek; drive to end near Ridge family property; driven 1/05; skid road continues to near summit of Mt. Stewart

SMALLWOOD CREEK FSR: turn off Hwy. 3A before Beasely Fire Hall onto Beasley Rd.; within 200 m., go R onto Queen Victoria Rd and re-set odometer; then jog L onto Smallwood; go R at km. 3 (that’s the km. 2 sign); go L at km. 4.9 where Spoule Creek FSR goes R; go L @ km. 8.2; go L @ km. 9.1; go R @ km. 14; height of land @ 5115′ 667-677; go R @ km. 15 (left goes to cutblock we skied through); road goes down & then up; pass above Donut Lake (hard to see) @ km. 21.8; go L @ km. 22 onto older road at km. 20 sign; @ km. 23.6, reach the Pedro Creek FSR/Slocan Ridge road (1 hr. driving from bottom of Queen Victoria Rd; drove part way with Howie in 10/00 and right through to Hwy 6 in 10/05 (35.4 km. from bottom of Queen Victoria Rd. to Hwy #6); biked from bottom to km. 9.1 s/b 9/06; biked from bottom to km. 6 sign 8/08; drove to km. 9.7 (681-849, 4752′) on 10/10 & biked to 634-897, 4973’ca. km. 18;

GARRITY CREEK FSR: goes L off Smallwood Creek FSR @ km. 3 (signed); Garrity Connector (signed) goes R @ km. 3; 2WD to this point; rode to this point in 09/07

GARRITY CONNECTOR: goes R. off Garrity Creek FSR @ km. 3 (signed); rode to km. 6.8 from highway to Smallwood Trail head (signed) in 09/07; 2WD; hiked Smallwood Trail to overlook in 25 min.; also 10/08

SPROULE CREEK FSR: turn R off Smallwood FSR @ km. 4.8; re-set odo; Sproule-Mid Slope Spur goes L @ km. 6.7; cross Sproule Creek bridge @ km. 8.4 (2759’696-868); rode from jct. with Sproule Creek Trail to jct. with Smallwood Creek FSR on 10/11; good 2WD; drove this section 10/10

SPROULE-MID SLOPE SPUR: goes L off Sproule Creek FSR @ km. 6.7; not explored

SPROUL CREEK ROAD: turn R @ west Taghum Frontage Rd, ca. 10 km from Nelson; drive back E. .67 km. to start of signed road; re-set odo; Rixen Road goes R @ km. 2.6; Gompa on R @ km. 2.9; paved to end @ 3.76 km; extension is Sproule Creek Trail which crosses Sproule Creek FSR @ km. 2; rode road & trail to km. 2 on 10/11

RIXEN ROAD: goes R. off Sproule Creek Road @ km. 2.6; not explored

GROHMAN CREEK ROAD: turn off 3A just beyond Taghum Bridge on Marsden Road; go left immediately onto Grohman Creek Road; new bridge over Grohman Crk. at km. 8.4 takes you to right bank; CBC road goes R at km. 9.2; there’s a road R at km. 9.6; bridge at km. 9.8 takes you L & into Baldface drainage; Grohman-Baldface junction at km. 11 (go R for Grohman); road to Baldface Mountain Lodge goes L at km. 15.2; at km. 15.8, keep L (R goes to Shannon Pass; signed & a “highway”); at ca. 19.0, a spur crosses creek and comes back on the other side to a cutblock; parked at landing at km. 19.1, essentially road’s end (778-950, 5831′; driven 10/00; 2WD; drove 10/21/01 on snow; biked to km 11 08/08; driven 09/08 (getting rougher beyond km. 15.8); driven to km. 15, 11/11

BALDFACE MOUNTAIN LODGE ROAD: go L off Grohman road @ km. 15.2; re-set odo; driven to road’s end @ km. 6.8 in 09/08; some impressive road-building; good roadbed but may need 4WD in places for steepness lodge at 760-935 6683′ gps; driven 11/11

SHANNON PASS SPUR: go R at junction at km. 15.8 (signed “Shannon Pass”); drove to km. 17.9 in 10/04; 2WD; beyond, walked as follows: 5 min. to jct, go R (left signed “Grant’s spur” on a boulder); 10 min. to a jct, went L (older road goes R); good road switches up into new blocks above Kootenay Lake; then deactivated stretch; rejoin good road which leads to jct. with old CBC road; followed to repeater towers in 90 min. from parking spot; 10/04

JOHNSTONE ROAD CONNECTOR: if you turn R. past bridge you will descend; keep L. at next junction, km 12.4; then go through road that is chained; comes out on Johnstone Rd. by Pulpit Rock; 19.8 km. from Taghum Bridge to Johnstone Road; in 10/01, there’s a nasty sign where road begins just past Grohman bridge at 8.4 (visitors NOT welcome.

SPUR: at km. 12.4, continue straight down hill; road ends at lake, wharf and swimming area at km. 2.1

CBC ACCESS ROAD: turn R off Grohman mainline at km. 9.2 (next to boiler); road diagonals up and N, turns R, heads back S, and intersects a new logging road, crossing it twice; goes to repeater towers on Mt. Nelson; just before towers, a spur goes R, possibly to older towers; walked in 10/01 to active towers from Grohman road (1 hr. 55 min.)

N.BALDFACE CREEK ROAD: go L off Grohman Creek road at km. 11; at km. 13.9, go R for N. Baldface (signed; spur goes L and down); at km. 16, reach a landing; at km. 18 road crosses a bridge and bends back left; at km. 20, cross creek flowing S. from Mt. Hoover; road continues to cutblock; road descends, crosses creek at km. 22 and heads back east and up; drove to km. 23.4 (5748′ 709-947); 2WD; driven 10/00 & 9/07; biked to nr. km. 17.5 on 10/01; skied through cutblock 5/02

CRUSADER CREEK ROAD: road extends from Lemon Crk. road at 17.3 km.; logging spur road for Mineral Crk. at 21.8 km. from Highway 6; left fork to cross Crusader Creek at 22.6 km.; Taggart Crk. spur 23.6 km; impassable in late May ’92 because of blowdowns and snow Coming from Six Mile (all distances from pavement’s end): Lemon Creek bridge km. 18.3; Branch 3 goes L at km. 21.1; Mineral Creek road goes R at km. 22.2;

MINERAL CREEK ROAD: road does not show on my copy of Kokanee Pk. 82F/11; it does show on the 1:20,000 sheet; turn R off Crusader Crk. road 6.5 km. N. of Lemon Jct; drove 1.6 km. in 10/02; drove to km. 3.6 just below a switchback in 9/06; drove to km. 2.9 in 09/11 (ca. 5860′) at point where road s/b’s left to ford the creek; 4WD HC with good roadbed but some deep waterbars; ATV road that might be driveable after that point; walked to road’s end on ridge at 2250 m. on ridge W. of Ruppel 10/02 and 9/06

TAGART CREEK ROAD: goes R off Crusader/Lemon road ca. 6.6 km. N. of Lemon Jct; lots of logging on S. side of Arlington Pk.; road not driveable because of blowdowns; goes to over 6,000′; also followed old mining road to minesite at 784110.

CHAPLEAU CREEK ROAD: looks like this is a highway that connects Crusader and Lemon Creeks

ENTERPRISE CREEK ROAD: road begins 87 km. from Nelson via valley; 12.3 km. to parking lot (30 min.); 2 WD; at 7.6 km there is a spur road to right crossing creek (good bridge in ’93) to mining claims & cut blocks

TIMBER CREEK ROAD: starts at end of Enterprise Crk. road at 12.2 km; good bridge over creek; at 17 km. from #6 there is a junction; left takes you over creek and to cutblock; road ends in .7 km. more; main Timber Crk. road carries on to near pass N. of McGuire Crk., then loops up into cutblocks below Mt. Robert Smith at near treeline; this may be driveable quite far by high-clearance 4WD (1993); spurs on other side of valley lead to base of Arlington Pk.

VEVEY CREEK FSR: was this formerly Red Mountain road?

SILVERTON-ALWYN FSR: 1.5 km. N. of Slocan Lake lookout road

SILVERTON CREEK ROAD: follow Hwy. #6 to Silverton 99.6 km. (1 hr. 25 min.); just S. of the Silverton Creek bridge, turn E. onto 4th St.; go 1 blk. & turn L onto Alpha St.; follow this road as it bends back E.; at km. 4.5, a road goes R across creek; at 5.3 km is Wakefield Crk. road; at km. 8.2 Maurier Crk. Rd. goes R across creek; at km. 9.8 Branch 9 goes L; at km. 9.9, Fennel Crk. (Comstock Mine) road goes down & R; just beyond km. 12.5 is a mine; within a few 100 ft. a spur goes R to cutblocks across creek (bridge out); at km. 16, a faint track goes R; road ends in small parking area at km. 16.4 (trailhead for Fishermaiden Lake trail); driven to end 7/97; last couple of km. are getting overgrown, but roadbed is OK

WAKEFIELD CREEK ROAD: turn L off Silverton Creek road just past the km 5 sign (about 5.3 km.); at .7 km. bear L at a fork; at 3.7 km. reach Wakefield Trail parking lot (4,364′); road is 2WD with good surface

MAURIER CREEK ROAD: goes L off Silverton road @ km. 8.2; ignore first old spur L; follow road east into Maurier Creek, then S. along east bank; junction @ km. 5.3 (792-266, 4741′), keep left; drove to km. 6.3 where stopped by snow on road (791-256, 5221′); walked on road, took R fork and passed by Maurier Lake to road’s end; returned from col via upper L road to join main one; 06\08; mostly 2WD with good road bed, but overgrown;

MAURIER CREEK ROAD SPUR: goes R or west at km. 5.3; seems to go into basin below Mt. Alwyn; not explored

BRANCH 9: turn L off Silverton Crk. road at km. 9.8; goes back to W; drove to km. 2.5 at edge of big cutblock just past creek in 6/02; good quality 4WD with decent waterbars; trail to Silver Ridge starts through cutblock where I parked; I flagged it.

SANDON/CARPENTER CREEK. ROAD: turn L off Hwy #31A 113.2 km. from Nelson via Kaslo (rd. signed for Sandon); at km. 4.7, keep straight and do not cross creek (Idaho lookout road goes R & crosses creek);
at ca. km. 8, a spur goes R and back toward Sandon (explored 10/00; ends in 900 m. without gaining any elevation; it has spurs up);
at km. 8.6, pass through Cody; at km. 8.9, Carpenter Crk road goes L & crosses creek (Cody Crk. road goes R); go up hill (ignore first, immediate R) and bend R instead of going straight (km. 9) signed Carpenter Crk FSR; continue on good 2WD road (waterbars recently filled in) on N and E banks of Carpenter Creek; at ca. 13.2 km. take old rd L as new road bends R and descends to cross creek (new road then heads back N. on W. bank to end at a landing below Mt. Cody; an older rd. branches L after creek crossing, but it, too, ends at a landing after about 200 m);

OLD SPUR TO END OF CARPENTER CREEK: go L off Carpenter FSR at ca. km. 13.2; road looks overgrown and doubtful at first but improves rapidly; continue 3.4 km. to a landing with ample parking (16.6 km from Three Forks); mostly 2WD with one short big rock section; pick up flagged route at parking lot level; this leads in ca. 30 min. to trail to col W. of Carlyle; driven and explored 9/99

PAYNE SOUTH SIDE ROAD: at about 4.7 km. from Three Forks on Sandon road, note a spur on the N. side going E.; follow this for short distance to a jct; lower rd going L seems to be the “trail” maybe going back to Three Forks; upper s/b to L heads up the S. face of Mt. Payne; there is a spur (or even mainline) that heads further W. and NW; hiked south side part in 5/99

IDAHO LOOKOUT ROAD: turn R off Carpenter Creek road in Sandon, cross bridge and follow signs to upper parking lot; driven most recently 10/00; 4WD

CODY CREEK ROAD: turn R off Carpenter Crk. road at km. 8.9; good 2WD roadbed through several cutblocks, then overgrown by alder; walked in May ’98 to 5500′; road continues beyond this point; a spur goes R at km. 1.6; drove to this point 10/00 where it switches back L; bushy beyond

COLONIAL MINE ROAD: go straight or R off Cody Creek road at km. 1.6; driveable for ca. 200 m; crosses creek on plank & ascends N. to Colonial Mine, a 45 min. walk; done in 10/00; thought this might go up Cody Creek W. fork; it doesn’t

SPUR OF COLONIAL MINE ROAD: just before Cody Crk. bridge, bear L; very faint; ends soon in cutblock; walked 10/00

NEXT SPUR: about 35-40 min. walk up Colonial Mine road a promising spur goes L; it soon ends; walked it 10/00

STENSON CREEK ROAD: follow #31A W from Kaslo for about 28.4 km; (98.4 km from Nelson); that’s just beyond the old buildings on the N. side of the road at Retallack; turn L onto road signed for Retallack Lodge; lodge turnoff is .3 km. on L; at km 4, a bad, old road goes L; at km 5.6, an old road goes down & R to cross creek & access cutblocks on other side; at km. 7.1, road crosses creek to W bank; at km. 9, pass mine buildings on L; at km 9.2, a spur goes L and fords creek; at km. 9.4, road goes L (a good road goes straight); at km. 10.1, parked where a spur goes off to R (alti. said 6820′); walked road to pass (through mine dumps) in 30 min.; some narrow washed out spots; S. of pass road looks to descend to Cody; road is basically good quality 2WD to bridge; beyond km. 9, need 4WD LR lst gear high clearance

STENSON CREEK SPUR ROAD: turn L off Stenson Creek main road at km. 9.2; cross muddy low spot (probably passable only later in summer & in dry periods); road continues on E bank of creek (4WD LR lst gear for much of this); two switchbacks have to be backed around; at km 2, a spur goes L; at km. 2.1, road ends next to a cabin; drove in 9/98

TWELVE MILE CREEK ROAD: follow # 31A for 18.5 km. W. of city centre Kaslo; turn left and cross Kaslo River on bridge; at km. 1.7, take switchback left and follow road south to broken out bridge below falls @km. 6.1 (GR     ); good quality roadbed; driven 5/05 & 7/05; road beyond this point is well-used ATV track, maybe going all the way to Utica Mine

OLD TWELVE MILE CREEK ROAD PORTION: go straight at the junction at x km.; road ends at far end of cutblock in 400 m.

KM 20 BRIDGE & ROAD: 20.1 km W of downtown Kaslo, turn L off #31A & cross a substantial bridge over Kaslo R; followed road R that petered out after 1.7 km in a cutblock (says replanted ’71); back to a junction at km 1.4; followed road that went L; soon impassible for truck, then bike; walked it for 45 min as it switched up and then contoured W till it justed ended; like a mine road, narrow & steep;

at first, I thought this was the 12 Mile Creek road leading to Utica Mine, but it isn’t

KEEN CREEK ROAD: the “highway” leading into the northern part of Kokanee Glacier Park; turn L off Hwy 31A 7.6 km. from Kaslo (77.6 km. from Nelson); at km. 5 sign (4.6 km.), Nashton Crk rd goes L; at km. 6.4, Carlyle Crk/Flint Lakes road goes R; pass through a mine dump at km. 7.4 (8 on rd. sign); at km 8, Benhur M/L goes L & up; at km. 8.4, a cat track goes L (Briggs Crk.?); km. 11, Lake Crk. bridge; at km. 11.6 Klawala Crk. trail (BCFS) goes L; at km. 11.7, Long Crk. road goes R; at km 12.5, a faint rd. goes R; km. 13.2 Kyawats Crk. bridge; at km 13.3, a road goes L; km 15 unnamed bridge (probably Desmond Crk); about km. 15.8, Sturgis Crk. trail/road goes diagonal L; drove to end of road, about km 24, in 7/97; driven to km. 15 in 8/02; road washed out at km. 15.8; in 10/03, a sign says road washed out 7 km. from end; drove in 5/05 to km. 4.5

NASHTON CREEK ROAD: goes L from Keen Creek road at km. 4.5; old road L @ 700 m; Deer Creek road goes R @ km. 1.3; spur goes R into cutblock @ km. 4; drove to km. 5.2 in 5/05 (within 200 m. of road’s end); 4WD HC LR 1st gear, but solid roadbed; waterbars are ok; ends in cutblock N. of Mt. Kemp

DEER CREEK ROAD: switchbacks right from Nashton Creek road @ km. 1.3; not signed; walked to ca. km. 2.5 from Keen Creek road in 5/05; nice roadbed but not passable for trucks because of boulders on road before km. 2 (I think); ends at bottom far end of a cutblock; continuing afoot up valley of Deer Creek could give decent access to lakes below Trafalgar Mtn.

MONTEZUMA CREEK ROAD: could not find this despite a thorough search in 7/97; road & bridge shown on map

CARLYLE CREEK/FLINT LAKES ROAD: turn R off Keen Creek road at km. 6.9; at .1 km. cross bridge (good condition, Jn. ’97)

BEN HUR CREEK ROAD: turn L off Keen Creek Road just past the mine dump, km. 8; don’t go R at km .2; at km 1.6, BH goes R; not explored straight ahead;

BEN HUR M/L: turn L off Keen Creek Road just past the mine dump, km. 8; don’t go R at km .2; at km 1.6, go R, signed “BH”; in Jn. ’97, drove to km. 5 (5100′) to near end of cutblock; fair access to Mt. Chipman, etc.; in 8/02 Ossa Thatcher told me a group from Kaslo has cut a trail to the lower lake (962-245); driven in 10/03; road is disused but bed is excellent; 4WD HC LR with good waterbars; driven right to end by Ben Hur Creek; hiked trail to lower lake; decent;

SPUR OFF BEN HUR CREEK ROAD: goes R @ .2 km; looks very new in 10/03; not explored

FLINT LAKES ROAD: said to be very rough, but no longer gated (fall ’96; turnoff should be at about km 6.5; not obvious in ’97, but may have been that turning to R at km. 6.9 on Keen Creek rd.#

LONG CREEK ROAD: go R & down off Keen Crk road at km. 12.3; drive .4 km. to washed out bridge; pity, since this road gives access to cutblocks way up on the S. side of Mt. Carlyle

KEMP CREEK ROAD: this goes up the prominent ridge on the E. bank of the E. fork of Kemp Creek; coming from S., turn L off Hwy 31 at the BC Hydro building located at the top of the hill before descent into Kaslo; follow this W. past the Kaslo airstrip to the Kaslo dump; just E. of dump entrance, note a road going S.; this leads through private land, but may be satisfactory on foot; procede to locked gate; pass it and keep R; just after entering clearing before second house, follow a very faint track R (only walked this portion on descent); this eventually turns into a good road that switches up to 5000′; keep L at all junctions; an alternate approach on foot is to walk through the dump and follow a good road along the E. bank of Kemp Crk.; at road’s end at a weir, procede uphill through steep but lightly-timbered slopes for ca. 15 min. to reach the above-mentioned road (followed this route on ascent 5/99; there is also a spur to the E. between the dump and weir that may give access to the main road above the private property

BJERKNESS CREEK ROAD: turn L or S. off Kaslo dump road W. (I think) of Kaslo airstrip; signed; not explored

WOODBURY CREEK ROAD: follow signposted turnoff a few km. N. of Woodbury Creek resort; route diagonals back to S., passing Fletcher Creek turnoff at 2.6 km; 13.5 km. to Woodbury-Silver Spray parking lot; alternate route leaves highway just N. of Woodbury Creek resort; road is steep and rutted before joining other route at 2 km.(12.8 lot); last 1 km. or so to lot is stiff 4WD (rest of signed route is ok 4WD); drove Jly ’01;

WOODBURY-FLETCHER FSR: turn west off Hwy 31 2 km. north of Woodbury marina, the Woodbury N. access road; turn R at km. 1.2 onto Fletcher Creek road; re-set odometer; go R at switchback at km. 2.7; go R at km. 5.5 (dilapidated hiking sign here); keep L at km. 8.2; spur to Fletcher Lake trail goes R @ km. 10.6; bear left; old road goes straight uphill at km.   ; main road beyond this signed “Abbey Trail”; stopped @ km. 14.6 by brush on road (5685′ 035;177); walked road to end in a cutblock in 10 min. in 09/07 where signed Abbey Trail begins; good road but has some deep waterbars; 4WD LR HC hiked trail to point above upper Fletcher Lake 7032′ 005-190; cleared brush on road and drove to landing at ca. km. 14.8 08/08; road to be de-activate in 09/08

SPUR T0 FLETCHER LAKE TRAIL: follow Fletcher Creek road; at a junction at km. 10.6 from where road leaves Woodbury Rd., take R fork; trail sign at km. 11.4; drive to km. 11.5 and park; 2WD from N. Woodbury access on hwy.; drove 9/04; trail to Fletcher Lake starts as an extension of the road;

COFFEE CREEK ROAD: washed out near bottom since late ’90s; here is alternate access; turn off Hwy 31 45.1 km. N. of Nelson, 2.9 km past the bridge (not the first turnoff through the powerlines, but just past that) at Hanson Rd.; at 600 m., bear L past stone lamp posts; at km. 2.5 bend L; at km. 4.2, go R; at km. 4.8 go L; at km. 5.2 bear L (R is faint); at km. 6.8, go straight near the Km. 4 sign (L goes back to Hwy N. of Coffee Crk); at km. 9.4, a good rd. goes down & L, but take fainter old one; at km. 10.7, park (rd. continues, but is ATV); continue on foot; drove this 1 km. section in 08/05, definitely 4WD HC LR & overgrown); in 12 min., join good road coming up from S. bank (bridge looks good); continue on N. bank on foot to cutblock as shown on “Kokanee Peak” (1 hr. 15 min. from car); mtn. biked this section in 08/05; road ends 5 km. from junction (61 min. up from jct; 46 min. return to junction); saw dirt bike right at end; explored 8/02, 9/02, 06/03, & 08/05

ACCESS ON SOUTH SIDE OF COFFEE CREEK: at km. 9.4, follow good road down and across creek at km. 9.8; good Spur 200 goes uphill; take old rd. R immediately over bridge (4WD HC LR with 34 waterbars; rough) which re-crosses to N. bank & re-joins N. side road (2.9 km. from bridge; 12.7 from Hwy.)

SPUR 200: go straight uphill after crossing bridge; 3-4 km. past bridge, take fainter road R in big clearcut; followed this to base of steep hill, then walked remainder to end in clearcut due N. of ridge system leading to Balfour Knob, 6/03

COFFEE CREEK MAINLINE: turn L off Hwy 600 m. N. of Coffee Creek bridge and drive uphill on excellent road (gate at 100 m. could be locked, but check carefully); drive through two more gates to re-join Coffee Crk. rd. above at km. 2.8 at the 6.8 jct.; driven 9/02 (looked locked, but wasn’t); driven 08/05, gate open

BALFOUR FACE FSR: from Hwy. 3 at Balfour ferry landing, turn onto Balfour golf course road; at first junction, keep left; turn R onto Heyland Road to Balfour dump; just before dump, go L onto signed Balfour Face FSR (gated but not locked; signed no admittance because of watershed protection); drove to km. 12 at switchback at 5796′ 006-996) on 07/08; 2WD; drove to road end @ km. 12.4 (5819′ 005-996) in 09/08; no turnaround spot at road’s end;

REDFISH CREEK FSR: follow #3A about 32 km. E. of Nelson and turn L onto Beggs Rd (signed); at 200 m., go L; at 800 m., go L (R. is Rogers Rd); at km. 1.1, go L (this is signed Redfish FSR); Redfish North FSR goes R. at km 11.2 (road L is signed Ross Lk. Trail); good quality all the way; 2WD in lower reaches; higher up, it’s 4WD because of waterbars; drove to Ross Lake trailhead numerous times; drove to km. 9 sign 05/08; drove to km. 12.2 in 12/09, just 80 m. past Ross Lake road turnoff;

REDFISH NORTH FSR: goes right off Redfish FSR @ km. 11.2 (4582′ 952-999); @ 100 m., Redfish E. FSR goes straight, as N. bends to left; drove to km. 9 sign 05/08; driven past cutblock and into trees and road’s end 11/08; skied to end of cutblock and near end of road in 01/10 & 02/10; Ken’s cabin is at edge of cutblock ca. 100′ below road where it leaves ‘block at 5789’ 957-019 (not visible);

REDFISH EAST FSR: goes straight off Redfish N. FSR @ 100 m; not explored continue R to Spur 100 at km. 11.5; drove Spur 100 to km. 14.8 (stopped by snow in 6/00); this seems to no longer be in existence

ROSS LAKE TRAIL ROAD: take L fork of Redfish FSR at jct. at km. 11.4; go right at km. 12.2 (signed “Ross Lake Trail”); go straight, not right, at km. 13 (signed “Ross Lake Trail”); park in landing at km. 13.4 (trailhead is signed); Howie made it in 2WD (does have deep waterbars); driven 10/05 and other years; drove to km. 13 just past logging road toward White Lady Lake on 01/10, 12/10; drove to Ross Lake trailhead on 07/11; definitely 4WD HC LR

SPUR RIGHT: goes R off Ross Lake Trail Road at km. .8; this goes into a cutblock and ends; skied, not driven, winter of ’09-’10

KOKANEE CREEK ROAD: turn L off Highway 3 19 km. E of Nelson onto road signed “Kokanee Glacier Park; at km. 2.5 at a switchback, Kokanee Busk FSR goes R; at km. 4.3, cross over Busk Crk. bridge; just past on L is a skid rd; W. Kokanee Crk. Trail goes L at km. 6.5; Kokanee West FSR goes L at km. 7.3; cross Sunset Crk. bridge at km. 10.3;

KOKANEE WEST FSR: turn left off Kokanee Creek rd. at km. 7.3 (signed); cross bridge @ 400m; go right at 700 m.(signed here, too); continue 6.2 km. to landing and end of driveable road at 4920′ 853-022; 4WD LR high clearance with some water bars; not a bad road; driven 9/05, 7/06; drove to bridge @ 400m and skied rest of road, 2/07; drove to km. 2.4 and skied the rest twice in 05/08 (90 min. to end of block); drove to km. 3 and skied in 05/09; drove to km. 1.1 from Kokanee Creek FSR in 05/12; permanent de-activation at this point–berm and deep waterbar

KOKANEE-BUSK FSR: turn R. off Kokanee Crk. rd. at km. 2.5; I rode this for .5 km. in 3/98

SITKUM CREEK ROAD: turn off Highway 3 just E. of Sitkum Creek bridge; there is a gate (open) at 3.4 km.; switchbacks end at abbout km. 6; follow road to end at Alpine Mine site at 16.5 km. below Mt. Cornfield; 4WD LR first gear in places; last km. is rough and steep

SIX MILE LAKES ROAD: connects Lemon Crk. with Willow Point on Highway 3A; turnoff is at sign for church at Willow Point; 18 km. in length; near-4WD quality; much rougher above point where road crosses creek; pavement ends and actual FSR begins at km. 1.7 from highway; 2.1 km. to “gravel pit” parking lot (2000′); Six Mile Lakes Rec Site is 11.5 km. from pavement end (3600′); far end of last of Six Mile Lakes is 13.5 km. from pavement’s end; Sasquatch Lake Rec Site is 15.3 or 15.8 km. from pavement end; southern lk. to Lemon Crk. is 4 km.; rode from km. 2.1 parking spot to rec site 5/08 (1 hr. 30 min.); rode fr. 300 m. up road to outflow bridge 1 hr. 35 min. 5/09; rode from km. 2.1 parking spot to rec site 10/10 1 hr. 23 min.; rode fr. km. 1.7 to nr. rec site in 1:25:14 (11.38 km) on 07/11; continued to point where road descends; road in excellent condition–packed by active logging; same in 07/11; rode easily to rec site in 1:34 in 9/11;

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