With all the problems accessing Glory Basin from the Lemon Creek side, this has become the main trail access to Glory Basin. Refer to the post on the Gibson Lake and Kokanee Glacier Trail for details. There are scrambling routes to the basin up Outlet Creek (the descent route) and a route from the south end of Kokanee Lake to climb Mt John Carter. 

Difficulty: C2
Elevation gain: 823m (2700′)
Key elevations: Gibson Lake 1536m (5040′); Enterprise Pass 2017m (6650′); Lower Sapphire Lake 2238m (7340′)
Distance: 12km round trip
Time: 10-hour day hike or 2+-day backpack 
Season: Mid July through mid-October
Access: easy
Map: 82F/11 Kokanee Peak, 82F/14 Slocan

Access: From the core area of Kokanee Glacier PP. Refer to post Kokanee Glacier Trail for driving instructions. 

Trail: 0.0 From Gibson Lake, start on the old mining road leaving from the NE corner of the parking area. 
3.3km Keyhole Trail
4.5km South end Kokanee Lake 1975m (6480′). 1.5 hours. There is an outhouse here. This is the traditional departure point to climb Mt John Carter and Outlook Mt. Trail contours  above the lake crossing some rockslides. 
Kokanee Pass 2015m (6675′). After Kokanee Lake, traverse these meadows. For a short-cut to Glory Basin, depart the trail here, contour to beside Outlook Creek and ascend. 
5.8km Keen Lake 1721m (6540′). 
Garland Lake. Outlook Creek descends to this lake. Instead of form Kokanee Pass, ascend directly up the creek to Sapphire Lakes. 
7.5km Kaslo Lake 1973m (6470′). Larger, this has the main campground with 10 sites. Walk to the NE corner of Kaslo Lake. Go left to a 10-minute ascent to Enterprise Pass. Right goes 1.4km to Slocan Chief Cabin. 
8.2km Enterprise Pass 2017m (6650′). Turn left  following the sign for Sapphire Lakes via Griffin Lake. Descend right to go NW down Enterprise Creek and Tanal Lake. 
9km Griffin Lake 2165m (7100′). The trail goes south and descends to broad subalpine Lemon Pass. Proceed straight across the open expanse toward a stand of subalpine fir, once the Sapphire Lakes campground with room for 2 tents, a cooking stand, metal food cache, wastewater drain and a green plastic toilet. Now all but the toilet are gone.
10km Lower Sapphire Lake 2238m (7340′). Upper Sapphire Lake is a couple minutes southeast of the campground.  

Descent: Outlook Creek. Starting at the campground area, descend NE through the open, grassy lower areas of Lemon Pass. Follow a beaten path and a few cairns to the north side of Outlook Creek. Simply follow the creek to reach Garland Lake and the main trail. Turn right for Gibson Lake trailhead via Kokanee Lake. 

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