5-day Live Aboard with A-One Diving, Ranong Thailand. Guides generally poor – we dove too deep too often. Many fisherman, nets strewn across reefs, dynamite fishing, all big fish gone, no sharks or mantas.
#16. Secret Island. Poor visibility and coral, hawksbill turtles.
#17. Kyat Mauk. Night dive.
#18. Kyat Mauk Pinnacle. Nice soft corals and sea fans, spotfin lionfish, spotted moray.
#19. Western Rocky. Cave that went though the island. Many dead fish littering bottom from dynamite fishing. Giant moray, spotted moray.
#20. Fan Forest Pinnacle. Giant and spotted morays.
#21. Paradise Rock. Many stars, crown of thorns, oriental sweetlips
#22. Pink Canyon. Octopus, ribbon eel black phase, pipefish, vermicular coral cod, mante shrimp.
#23. Yellow Rock, North Rock
#24. South Twin. Sea snakes, good soft and hard corals and fans, blue anemone fish.
#25. Unnamed pinnacle.
#26. Unnamed. Batfish, blue lined rock cod, cuttlefish (3 copulating – males fringed with blue) checkered snapper, blue ringed angelfish, spine cheek anenomefish.
#27. Kylin Phila. Juvenile blackbelt hogfish (black with large white blotches)
#28. High Rock. Spectacular anemone and variety anemone fish (pink, tomato, and western), schools snapper, common lionfish.

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