BLUEJOINT MOUNTAIN   2326m    7631’
When climbing Mt Faith, Bluejoint seems like the most logical point westward to climb. With a lookout tower, access is simple.

Elevation gain:
Key elevations:
Time: 5 hours including 8kms on 4WD road.
Access: 2 hours from Castlegar and road to Granby good.
Season: May into November
Maps: 82E/8 Deer Park; Boundary Forest District Recreation Map; Kamloops Okanagan Backroad Mapbook.

Drive: Just as you enter Grand Forks from the east and just before the bridge over the Granby River, turn right up the Granby Road.
0.0 Follow the creek north for 40kms to pavements end at Bunch Grass Hill Road.
40km. Turn left and drive across the bridge. Immediately on the right is the Burrell Recreation Site. Continue NE and soon a Granby FSR sign show up.
54km Bluejoint Lookout FSR sign.57km Continue straight. Road ascends the mountainside, good to about 56kms when branches would scrape the car.

Trail: 8kms of good logging road walking. The last 2km would have been rough for a 4WD. At road’s end is a parking/camping area overlooking the valley (no water).
From here it is an easy but steep 3 kilometres to the summit on a good open alpine trail. The forestry lookout is well constructed and appears used in the dry season. There is a heli-landing pad and two green repeater towers.
Views are super to Mt Faith to the SE and Old Glory behind it on the horizon, Gladstone to the south, SW is Mt Almond and Gable Mts and the ridges north of them. To the NW the condos and hotels or Big White are visible. NE are Saddle Mt and parts of the Valkyrs and Valhallas. East are the Norns and Bonningtons.



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