This natural hot spring seep has a primitive bathing pool. In the spring and early summer, Dewar Creek floods the shallow hot pool. Come in late summer, fall and winter. The trail is muddy and difficult with horse traffic.
Continue up from the hot springs to Bugle Basin on a trail.

Location: Southern Purcell Mts. west of St Mary’s Alpine PP, on border of Purcell Wilderness Conservancy
Difficulty: A1
Elevation gain: 225m (738’)
Key elevations: TH 1372m (4500’); hot springs 1597m (5238’)
Distance: 9.3kms one-way
Time: 2 days
Access: Dewar Creek and north access: HC 2WD
Season: Late June through October. Require low water in the creek.
Map: 82F/15 Kaslo (where springs are) and 82F/16 Dewar Creek (for access)

Drive: From the West Kootenay (Nelson or Kaslo): take the Kootenay Lake ferry to Kootenay Bay. Zero odometer. .
0.0 Start Kootenay Bay when disembarking the ferry on the east shore. Drive Hwy 3A to Crawford Bay then south.
12.3km Pass Gray Creek Store and 150m beyond, turn left (east) onto Oliver Road. Zero odometer.
From Creston (junction of Hwy 3 and 3A) drive north on Hwy 3A – 72kms and just after crossing Gray Creek, turn right (east) onto Oliver Road. Zero odometer.
0.0 Start on Oliver Road known locally as Gray Creek Pass Road.
.3km Turn right and cross bridge over Gray Creek. Stay on main road up switchbacks.
1.3km Bear left on Gray Creek Pass Rd. Sign reads “Marysville 84km; Hwy 95A, Kimberly 88km.
7km Go right through a winter snow gate. (left goes to Sphinx Mountain TH)
17.5km Gray Creek Pass. Park here for either of the Gray Creek Pass summits. 30.3kms Bear left; 30.7 and 35kms Cross Redding Creek; 40.5 and 44km Proceed straight. 53.7 Bridge over St Mary’s River
53.9km Junction with St Mary’s FSR. (right goes to Kimberly); 63.7km Cross bridge over White Creek; In 500m, road to Jurak Lake/Manson Col goes right.
75kms Go straight (Left goes up No Name Creek and crosses bridge over Dewar Creek.
79km Fork. Left accesses the west and north side of St Mary’s Alpine Park and Dewar Creek Hot Springs. (Right ascends to Mortar Lake TH). 82.5km and 84.1kms, bear left. 85.4km Bear right. Pass clearing with possible camping.
85.8km Park here if road too overgrown for vehicle
86.2km Go left. (right fork ascends). 86.6km Brown Park Boundary marker post.
86.7 Parking area TH for Dewar Creek Hot Springs and Bleak Lake in St Mary’s Alpine Provincial Park. 1372m 4500’.

Trail: Cross Wesley Creek on a good bridge. When the trail appears to cross the creek, stay on the normal trail, and hike up to a bench above the beaver swamp until you intersect the horse trail. The trail follows the creek as it climbs steeply for the last kilometre. Near the springs, depart the creek and head for the steaming hillside. Sharp calcium formations, a smell of sulphur and algae coated rock lead you down to the creek.
The water seeping from the rock is too hot to bathe in and is adjusted with creek water from a plastic pipe. Five adults can fill the rocky pool. The hardest part of the hike may be getting out of the pool.

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