MOUNT SIBBALD (ALPHA)   2670m   8760′
Mount Sibbald is on the southwestern rim of International Basin at the head of Bobbie Burns Creek.
1. North Ridge. Ascend over snow slopes at the head of the Basin, and the north ridge is a pleasant rock scramble. Three hours. (I,3,s).
Beverley Bendell, Hermann Bruns, Thomas Crowley, Reg Fryling, Gary Kalloch, Joe Munro, Barry Reiter, 8/1984.
2. East Ridge. See Alicia
3. Southwest Ridge. Cross over the north ridge onto the Duncan River slopes, and gain the southwest ridge, which is a walk. KMC party, summer 1991.

ALICIA OVERLOOK   2610m   8563′
A small rock spire on the ridge east of Mount Sibbald.
1. West Ascend the west ridge in 30 minutes from Mount Sibbald. (I,3,s).
Beverley Bendell, Hermann Bruns, Reg Fryling, Judy Murray, Barry Reiter, 8/1984.


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