INTERNATIONAL MT    3100m   10171′
The highest summit of the group. There are views: Assiniboine and the Goodsirs, the Bugaboos, Vowells, Mount Conrad, the Hatteras Group, Nemo, Moby Dick, Pequod and Sir Donald.
1. Northwest Ridge. From camp in International Basin, gain upper Carbonate Glacier by scrambling up the left side of the obvious cliff band and walking along its top. (See Horseman Spire also. This ridge contains a pass to Carbonate Creek, described under Un. 2650.). Follow the north- west ridge easily to the summit, a scramble (Class 3). Ascent, 3 hours. Glacier (II,4,s). 15/8/1953. 
The Grizzly Group (in 2005) climbed it from the Battlement Mountain col. 

South of lower Carbonate Glacier, 1.5 km west of International Mountain. The north summit is clearly the highest. There was no sign of human occupation on arriving at the summit in 2007.
1. Northwest Ridge. Gain the International Mtn.-Battlement col (lower, west Carbonate Glacier from the north) and traverse under Battlement Mountain to the base of the northwest ridge. A rock scramble and a snow ridge go to an overhang at mid-height (Class 5.2), numerous towers and a set of pillars (and a challenging chockstone-filled crack) at the summit (5.4). Glacier (III,5.4,s).
Don Chiasson and Wm. McKenzie, 2/8/2007. 
There is falling rock on this route, especially on the steep snow slope to the northwest ridge. Three members backed off because of the rockfall danger. 

STRUTT PEAK (BETA)   2690m    8825′
Located on the south rim of International Basin, northwest of Battlement Mountain, and east of Mount Sibbald (Strutt Peak is the western of the two). International Basin is the extreme western head of Bobbie Burns Creek.
From camp in the Basin, ascend the glacier to the col between them, and both are easily climbable. Glacier (I,4,s).
Lee Schaeffer, Norman Thyer, summer 1991
The north couloir on the ridge west of Sandilands and Strutt was climbed in 2007. This north couloir forks near the bottom, and is snow and ice up to 60 plus degrees, most of 300 meters. The small peak above was ascended. Ice (II,s).
Peter Green, Matt Henzi, Laura Laney, Joel Port and nine students from Oregon, 15/8/2007.
The same group also did the west ridge (FA) of Strutt Peak on August 15 after climbing the couloir below the small peak, climbing Sandilands also and rappelling from a notch just west of Sandilands.


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