COPPERSTAIN MT  2609m  8561′
To the west, at the head of Copperstain Creek; surveyed at 8561 feet. Climbed and used as a camera station, date and route unknown.
Map 82N/SW Glacier Park, 1974, and map 82N/6 Blaeberry
1. West Slopes. Approach up Copperstain Creek (trail now), called Grizzly Creek at the time. Climbed by the west slopes, near the Copperstain and Bluebell mining claims. It is a walk.
A. O. Wheeler, E. O. Wheeler, and H. G. Wheeler, October 14, 1902; also by John O. Wheeler in 1992, possibly by a different route.

UNNAMED 2790m   9154′
On the ridge 3.7 km SSE of Moonraker Peak, on an eastern spur.
Map 82N/6 Blaeberry. Grid 859-795.

UNNAMED 2730m   8957′
This summit is one and one half km SE of UN 2790m (both at the northeast head of Baird Brook).
Map 82N/6 Blaeberry.

UNNAMED 2730m   8957′
Located 4 km SW of Moonraker Peak and 2.7 km southeast of Copperstain Mountain (northwest head of Baird Brook).
Map 82N/6 Blaeberry.

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