CAIRN MOUNTAIN   2660m   8727′
Located on the northeastern end of the group, map 82N/2 McMurdo.
FRA 1907, route unknown, but probably first climbed by prospectors.

UNNAMED 2700m   8858′
Southwest of Cairn Mt, between Cairn Mountain and Un. 2730m, map 82N/2 McMurdo on its edge.

UNNAMED 2730m   8957′
Southwest of Un. 2700m, between Un. 2700m and Un. 2760m, map 82N/3 Mount Wheeler.

UNNAMED 2760m   9055′
One kilometre north-northeast of Carbonate Mountain, north of the end of the Carbonate Mountain road. Map 82N/3 Mount Wheeler.
Undoubtedly climbed many times by prospectors and miners. The road goes almost to the summit.

CARBONATE MOUNTAIN   2700m   8858′
Three kilometres northeast of Malachite Spire, map 82K/14 Westfall River.
FRA by the prospector Frank Dick, 1888, who found the “Monitor” mineral claim on the summit ridge, route unknown. Also climbed in 1907.
In 1967 a road was made nearly to the top from Carbonate Creek (from the northwest). Some mineralogy and history of the region is recounted in KK 34:26.

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