THE STEEPLES  2880m  9449′
One large and three small pinnacles in the notch immediately north of Cuestaform Peak. The rock is not good, and The Steeples are adjacent to Cuestaform Peak, far closer than indicated on the map. 

CUESTAFORM PEAK  2760m  9055′
This summit has a south-sloping top with vertical cliffs on the north and east, which give it its name.
1. Southeast Ridge. The FA party approached by a rappel from Tetragon Peak, and ascended and descended the easy southeast ridge. They descended ledges to the west. (I,3). RH, GM, AN, NP, MW, RW, 17/8/1959
It is a one half day climb if one includes Tetragon.

2. Western See Route 1.

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