Crystalline Mt. has two summits about 0.5 km apart, located about halfway along the watershed of the group. The north summit is labeled on the map.

NORTH SUMMIT 2850m 9350′
1. Northeast Face, East Ridge. Camp east of the watershed at timber- line in the south fork of Crystalline Creek. Ascend moraines to the glacier below the northeast face. Climb onto the face and traverse ledges south- ward to the east ridge, which leads to the snow of the prominent east face and the top.
Ascent, 3 hours; descent, by glissading the snow face, 1.5 hours. Glacier (I,4,s).
August 26, 1953.

SOUTH SUMMIT 2850m 9350′
1. South Slopes. Camp, serviced by helicopter, was at the head of the south fork of Hume Creek. Climb the ridge west-northwest of Cuesta- form Peak (west of the glacier), and climb two obvious peaks (with a 6 meter bluff, Class 5.0) to the col. Ascend due north to the south summit on loose shale, Class 4, except for the bluff. (II,5.0,s). July 29, 1984. (KK 27:25 incorrect about Steeples)

UNNAMED 2850m  (9350′)
Located between the south summit of Crystalline Mountain and The Steeples. The north face is glaciated up to the summit, while the south face drops steeply to The Steeples notch.

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