Driving to the very end of the north Bannock Cr FSR is some 32km from the pavement at Slocan City. In 2012, the road was in excellent condition with no impediments.

This road is the access to the Gimli Trail; from the switch back to the Gimli parking area, continue straight ahead and slightly down hill. Follow the well traveled road as it switches backs twice going down hill. The next intersections were marked with rock cairns. The road ends in a very good turn-around eight kilometres from the Gimli turn.

We flagged a route through the bush and timber to the base of the large avalanche path leading up to the Mt Dag basin. This is a spectacular hiking area with a very short approach—only 1.5km from the road end to the slide path. Late June is the best time to go, before the snow leaves the upper slopes and the green succulents erupt. Expect to see bears.

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