Galena Bay Trail
UN (Deception) 2660m, UN (Bosworth) 2700m
Triple Peaks, Mt Emmens
K Cascade Mt
Mt Marion
Mt Cooper & UN 2640

Hotsprings Road
Hot Springs (Kuskanax Creek) Trail
Kimbol Lake Trail
Cedar Grove Trail
Kuskanax Mountain Trail
Vicky’s View
Highway 6
Nakusp & Slocan Rail Trail
Box Lake Loop Trail
K Summit Peak
K Mt Ferrie
Saddle Mountain Lookout Trail

Wilson Creek FSR (Goat Range PP)
Wilson Creek Falls Trail & Wilson Creek Trail 
Dennis Creek Trail
Alps Alturas Trail
Mt Dolly Varden
Mt Gabriel Varden
Mt Inverness
Mt Marten
Mt McHardy
Mt Stubbs
Mt Cooper

London Ridge
Whitewater FSR
Whitewater Trail
Whitewater Mt
Mt Dryden
Rossiter Creek FSR
Lyle Creek Trail
Mt Brennan
Lyle Peak
Mt Davis
◊ Emerald Lake
◊ Mt Jardine
Buchanan Lookout FSR
Buchanan Lookout

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I would like to think of myself as a full time traveler. I have been retired since 2006 and in that time have traveled every winter for four to seven months. The months that I am “home”, are often also spent on the road, hiking or kayaking.
I hope to present a website that describes my travel along with my hiking and sea kayaking experiences.

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