There is big misconception out there that cruising is expensive and only for newlyweds, families or old people, this is certainly not true. We started cruising before we were 20.
Cruising is a cheap alternative to luxury (and adventure) travel and at the same time you get to tick a whole lot of countries off your bucket list.

Cheap? Aren’t Cruises Expensive?
Initial reactions to the total price of a cruise can seem ridiculous. However, break down the price and realise it includes your accommodation, food, activities and technically your transportation to each country and/or island.
Many heavily discounted cruises are available, usually on short notice. $400 for 7 nights is not uncommon.

Exciting? Aren’t Cruises Boring?
The vast variety of activities available will interest every thrill seeking adventurer. Realize that most of these are shore excursions that are often quite expensive.

Young People? Aren’t Cruises for Families/Retired Folk
Yes cruising is primarily for families, old people and newlyweds – however that doesn’t mean the boat is extinct of 20-something-year olds.
Just about every night, there are social events such as parties or special events at the nightclub. Most young people we found on the cruise were happy to chat to us. But to be honest with all the activities and island exploring after having a few drinks we were ready to pass out with our food bellies.
Speaking of food bellies….

All You Can Eat!
Save your money, eat all you can for free (included in your cruise fee). This also includes 24-hour room service!

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