WINTER 2013-14 – Bhutan, SE Asia, Taiwan, S Korea, Japan

The Best Things to See in SE Asia
BHUTAN – Travel Facts, The Trip
MYANMAR – Travel Facts, Democracy in Myanmar, Army Manoeuvres, The Economy, The Trip
THAILAND – Travel Facts, Monarchy, The Trip
LAOS – Travel Facts, Laos Today, The Trip
CAMBODIA – Travel Facts, Politics, The Trip
VIETNAM – Travel Facts, Vietnam Today, The Trip
PHILIPPINES – Travel Facts, The Trip
BRUNEI – Travel Facts, The Trip
SABAH, MALAYSIA – Travel Facts. The Trip, Orangutans
TAIWAN – Travel Facts, Taiwan Today, The Trip
SOUTH KOREA – Travel Facts, South Korea Today, Hangul Alphabet, Male Grooming, The Trip
JAPAN – Travel Facts, Media Freedom, Police, The Trip – Kyusu and S Honshu, Kyoto and Kansai, Japan Alps, N Honshu, Hokkaido, Tokyo and Around

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