KMC Hiking Camps

Compiled by Ron Perrier
* marks camps I have attended.

1974Bonnie Gem / Purcells82K2224-574 Purcell Wilderness Cons.
1975Gwillim Lakes/Valhallas82F13470-177Valhalla Provincial Park
1976Wilson Creek / Goat Range82K6803-696Goat Range PP
1977St Mary’s Alpine / Purcells82F16451-250St. Mary’s Alpine PP
1978Demers Lakes / Valhallas82F13492-253Valhalla PP
1979Wee Sandy Lake / Valhallas82F13595-343Valhalla PP
1980Bonnie Gem / Purcells82K2224-574Purcell WC
1981Clint Creek / Purcells82K2145-582Purcell WC
1982Monashee Park / Monashees82L8166-921Monashee PP
1983Gwillim Lakes / Valhallas82F13470-177Valhalla PP
1984Hume Creek / Purcells82K14942-286
1985Valley of the Lakes / Purcells82K14959-408
1986Anenome Pass / Purcells82M16065-608
1987Limestone Lakes / Rockies82J6272-915Height of the Rockies PP
1988North Glacier Creek / Purcells82K7171-876
1989Wild Cat Creek (Mistaya) / Rockies82N10250-268
1990Ghost Creek (Mt Cartier) / Selkirks82L16278-414
1991International Basin / Purcells82K14890-480
1992Edouard Pass / Purcells82K10275-084
1993Dunbar Lakes / Purcells*82K15315-227
1994Valley of the Moon / Monashees82L9150-958
1995Rusty Ridge / Purcells*82F16553-380
1996Hope Creek / Selkirks82K6927-938
1997Sugarplum Spire / Purcells*82K14897-352
1998Marvel Pass / Rockies*82J13001-320
1999Copeland Ridge / Monashees*82M1963-625
2000Moonraker Peak / Purcells*82N6858-837
2001Fitch Creek / Purcells*82K14931-251
2002Blanket Creek / Monashees*82L16113-268
2003Mt Soderholm / Rockies82J12085-210
2004Endless Ridges / Purcells*82K1613-408
2005Mt Llewelyn / Selkirks*82K13387-492
2006Twilight Creek / Selkirks*82N12540-083
2007Kain Creek / Purcells*82K15202-350
2008International Basin / Purcells*82K14891-482
2009Limestone Lakes / Rockies*82J6205-921
2010Mica / Selkirks*82D1055-625
2011Hume Creek / Purcells*82K14942-286
2012Carnarvon Lake / Rockies*82J7641-817
2013Echo Lake (Howser) / Purcells*82K7148-927
2014Marvel Pass / Rockies*82J13999-329
2015Valley of the Moon / Monashees*82L9150-958
2016Wolverine Pass / Rocky Mountains82N1 661-518
2017Edouard Pass / Purcells*82K10 275-082

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