KMC Climbing Camps

1969Mulvey Group/Valhallas82F13541137Valhalla Provincial Park
1970Royal Group/Rockies 82J11 155035Height of the Rockies PP
1972Mulvey Group/Valhallas82F13541137Valhalla PP
1973Gold Range/Monashees 82L9213064
1974Melville Group/Selkirks 82K14712430
1975Taurus Group/Purcells 82K10 350070
1976Deville Neve/Selkirks82N3728660Glacier NP
1977Clemenceau/Rockies82C3 392799
1978Fairy Meadows/Adamants82N13394352
1979Nemo Group/Selkirks82K14837388
1980Farnham Group/Purcells82K7352876
1981Remillard Group/Selkirks82M9 279313
1982Leaning Group/Purcells82F15290352Purcell Wilderness Con.
1983Mummery Group/Rockies82N10128255
1984Vowell Group/Purcells82N12 149246Bugaboo PP
1985Ape Lake/Coast Mts
93D1 860761
82N12 416291
1987Laidlaw Lake/Selkirks 82K14785370
1988Melville Group/Selkirks 82K14712430
1989Windy Group/Selkirks 83M16 196487
1990Mt Odin/Monashees
1991Premier Rg/Cariboos 82D13 202504
1992Irish Peaks/Purcells82K9368038
1993S. Rice Brook/Rockies82N14832583
1994Hatteras Grp./Purcells82K14922373
1995Mt.Waddington/Coast 92N6495934
1996No camp
1997No camp
1998Vowell Range/Purcells
82K10 130210
1999Clemenceau/Rockies 83C4 333837
2000Melville Group/Selkirks82K14 712431
2001Fairy Meadows/Adamants
82N13 394352
2002Albert Group/Selkirks 82N4 504568
2003Gold Range/Monashees82L9/L8Backpack
2004Granite Ck/Purcells
82K1384446(high camp)
2005Conrad Icefield/Purcells82K15/10Backpack
2006Gold Range/Monashees82L9BackpackKelly/Gates to Avalanche
2007Van Horne Neve/Selkirks82N3
2008No camp
2009No camp
2010Battle Range/Selkirks82K14712430
2011No camp
2012No camp
2013No camp

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